A while ago me and my family went to the river to hang by the beach area

A while ago me and my family went to the river to hang by the beach area. As we walked towards the water I noticed some teenage girls in their bikinis. I admit they looked pretty good with their tattoos and belly rings, actually they looked pretty D.T.F.Cheap Ulysse Nardin Watches Then I noticed my husband noticing the girls. Inside my brain I was ready to slap his eyeballs right out of the sockets because his glance lingered way to long for my self esteem. I was going to avoid getting in the water and perhaps just keep my dress on and let my feet get a little wet and something snapped. I thought to myself maybe you should take off your dress and show the beach your swimsuit too. So I did and you know what? My hubby started to notice me a lot more that day. Just to entertain my ego a little more I decided to take some lingering stares of my on at passing by male hotties.Replica Gucci Watches I have to admit most of my staring was in the direction of my adorable toddler and a few at my hubby. Later that night I made a decision that I won’t beat myself up for not being a teenage, child-free, gym-a-holic sex siren but I will try to look my best, not just for my man but for me as well. When I mentioned to my hubby that I wanted to get in better shaped he joked that he wanted to fatten me up so no guys would stare at me anymore. I found this slightly funny and yet is was more fire under my stretch-marked butt to get myself together.

Today we returned to the river to frolic in the sun once again. Instead of wearing my safe black one piece halter swimsuit I opted for the mix and match bikini that I bought 6 years ago to wear to Vegas (pre-baby). As I walked down the beach and saw all these brave chunky girls with their two piece string bikinis and I’m not talking about the safe tankini that cover your midsection,Replica Jacob , Co Watches not even the high waisted FUPA covering bikinis. I thought “okay girl you can do this”, even though I had a t-shirt stowed away in the baby bag in just case I punked out. I took off my dress and kept it movin. I must admit that I was a little nervous at first and I looked around to see if anyone was judging me.

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