Alloy Wheel Protection systems

Tyre Bay Direct has been appointed exclusive distributors of the next generation of Alloy Wheel Protection systems, Rimbands.Whilst static crusher is designed purely for a single purpose, Chefs Kitchen Knives, whilst being cheaper, can also be fitted for specific tasks and improved with safety features for each application.This equipment can go anywhere at any topographic condition, which can reduce the dispose of knives wholesaler and cooperate easily with other accessory machinery. By wireless remote control, the mobile crusher plant can easily moved onto the transfer truck and delivered to its destination. Rimbands are a stretchy, hard wearing continuous band of silicone rubber that is fitted around the circumference of alloy wheels preventing damage caused by hitting kerbs, pothole damage and in addition mask existing scuffs making older scuffed wheels look new again.

Rimbands have been designed as a universal size that will fit any alloy wheel from 15” to 22”. The continuous band of rubber stretches over the rim to create a perfect fit without the need for messy adhesive products to complete the circle or cutting to size prior to fitting. The simple stretch and grip principle means they are easy to fit for the tyre shop and more attractive than the first generation of Alloy Wheel Protection Systems. Rimbands are designed to be supplied and fitted by tyre and wheel professional’s only.carbon prepreg

Being available to the trade at nearly half the suggested selling price, Rimbands are able to generate extra revenue for your business.

Darren Bowden, Managing Director of Rimbands commented “Tyre Bay Direct was our first choice when we were looking for a company to distribute our product. We liked their professionalism from the start and we believe they are the best placed company in this market to achieve Rimbands full potential.”

Available in a vast range of colours, Rimbands are fast becoming a must have stylish accessory as well as an efficient alloy wheel protector. Rimbands will be on display at upcoming trade shows including Automechanika in Frankfurt,carbon clothtyre changer Brityrex in Manchester and SEMA in Las Vegas.

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