Application of the actuator in injection molding machine

Output power of the hydraulic system machine and the actual consumption of the injection molding machine must match. It has obvious energy-saving effect for long pressure holding time machine and the high-precision products, it can save electricity consumption by 30% to 80% comparing with the normal dosing pumps, the economic benefits are very obvious. Delta confluence of double pump drive to servo controller 485 to achieve coordinated control of subsystems with the confluence of the pressure as a pressure feedback. The host computer transfers the data to the digital command from the pump through 485 bus.tyre changer According to the application,kitchen scales confluence controller needs to work to identify the most energy-efficient state given the pressure and flow command signal access to the main pump.garage equipments

The cooperative control of the torque and speed of each motor can ensure the stability of the fast response of the system pressure and flow. As well as smooth transition in the process, the injection molding machine clamping requires a lot of force which often occur in the inverter control flow situation. The actuator is different from the drive motor of a crusher or ball mill .digital platform scales Therefore they request that the drive has a strong overload capacity and as a source of interference, it is on the board of the temperature of the injection molding machine. Action receives the pressucarbon prepregre flow rate signal and the sensor signal will have a certain degree of interference. Requirements drive must be in the anti-jamming processing, drive capacity should be selected. The optional drive capacity of the injection molding machines should be measured in the various processes. The oil pump motor power maximum frequency should be under current running state as the selection of the basis inverter capacity . Deceleration process results in the injection molding process in the additive presence, the deceleration process is sensitive and it will often cause the product to have serious defects. Requiring dynamic response is very fast otherwise it will cause the yield decline.

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