Cakes by Krishanthi offers bespoke cakes

Cakes by Krishanthi offers bespoke cakes for formal celebrations throughout London and the South-East. From traditional and elegant tiered cakes to quirky miniature creations, every cake is distinctive in design and truly delicious in taste. With an inherited artistic talent and creative flair, Krishanthi’s passion for baking has taken her across Continental Europe learning the culinary traditions of Austrian and German bakers before returning to the UK to attain specialist qualifications in sugarcraft.

Further enhancing its offering Cakes by Krishanthi has announced the launch of its Classic Collection – a selection of four exquisite cakes designed with sugarcraft, ribbon and fresh flower embellishment. The Classic Collection offers clients on a restricted budget an affordable alternative to Krishanthi’s bespoke cakes – ideal for those wanting a sophisticated yet classic wedding cake that still embodies the quality and flavour synonymous with Cakes by Krishanthi. Drawing on Krishanthi’s natural artistic talent and creative flair each of the cakes in the collection is available in white or ivory and the ribbons can be chosen in a number of colour-ways to complement a client’s colour scheme. Fresh flowers to adorn the cake can be ordered upon request.

As with Krishanthi’s bespoke range each cake in the collection is individually handmade using the finest organic, Fairtrade and free-range ingredients – ensuring that each and every cake tastes as good as it looks.From pre-wedding prep and Chinese wedding clothing to Chinese wedding food and Chinese wedding favors, learn all about China Satin Flower Exporters. Available in four of Krishanthi’s most popular flavours; Madagascan vanilla butter sponge, lemon zest, Belgium chocolate and smooth red velvet,This is a left side open abaya, with China Headbands Ribbon Suppliers and diamond design from neckline to bottom and on the sleeve cuff. Ideal to slip over clothing. clients are able to choose the flavor of their cake during their personal consultation,China Velvet Flower Suppliers is intoxicating and velvety scent of flowers, spices and fruit. as well as deciding on the style and colour of decorations.

Krishanthi offers a complimentary delivery and installation service for deliveries within a 10-mile radius. A selection of cake stands is also available for hire.


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