Cocktail dresses are usually short and sexy

Cocktail dresses are usually short and sexy, they’re always stunning and appealing to easily catch the people’s eyes! But to be a girl, how can catch all the eyes of the party. It needs to do a lot of job, the most important part is our dresses! I always believe that a good dress can talk.

To be a fashion and modern girl, we need to know the 2012 new cocktail dresses trends before we choose our dresses. Maybe you have known, maybe you don’t. Below I’ll show you the trends, if you’re interested, you can continue to read this article and learn more information.

When it talks to the trends of dress, we should start from 3 parts, the material, the color and the style.

About the material, 2012’s new trends of dresses are most be made by Chiffon. As it’s light and can give people a feeling of cool in this hot summer. What’s more it’s graceful. You’ll be looked just like the fairy when you dancing. It’s very awesome, isn’t it?

When it tunrs to the color of latest dress. The bright color may make your dress shiny and it’ll make you look stunning. Dear, one thing you should rememberis that it’s a cocktail party, you needn’t to be so serious! The only thing you need to do is enjoy the party and have fun! The 2012 trends of the color is blue, red, white and mixed colors! But one tip you shouldn’t forget is that, the color of the accessories and the shoes should match your dress.

The last part of trend is the style. Princess is very popular this year as it can hide the body if your shape isn’t good. And it also can make you looks cute. By wearing thi style dress, you’re sure to find your prince.

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