FASHION NEWS: Molami releases fashionable headphones

Molami HeadphonesMolami has launched their new headphone range which really infuses practicality and music with fashion and style.Cheap Dr Dre Beats Studio Headphones Skull with Diamond These premium headphones are tailored with fashion in mind but don’t compromise on sound quality either. The range contains three sleek styles – The Bight, The Twine and The Pleat.

The Bight is an in-ear headphone that is small enough to be taken anywhere, making them perfect for everyday commuting. It contains the finest materials, making it both comfortable and stylish. The Bight comes in two edgy colourways, each one bound to be noticed. The first one is black and white napa leather, with 18K gold accents. The other one is black and white stingray, with silver accents. The latter is also limited edition. The Bight also contains EarClick technology that allows them to fit perfectly and comfortably.

The Twine is the most revolutionary style out of the three. It is a soft headpiece made from silk-satin and chiffon that wraps around your head in a unique look. There are speakers located inside the headpiece, and other features include a braided cord, containing a remote and microphone. The headpiece is a ‘one size fits all’, but the speakers can be adjusted so they fit well. The opening of Twine is a buckle at the base of the neck.

The final in the range is the Pleat. It’s the largest of the three and comes as an over-ear style that is comfortable enough to wear for a long time. It comes in napa leather and is designed to accentuate the features of the wearer. It aims to provide amazing sound quality, and can rotate and fold several ways for easy wearability and transportation. Pleat can be worn as traditional headphones, but you can rotate the speakers down when you place the headphones around your neck, so they lay flat like a collar.Cheap 2011 Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Diamond Headphones Blue

The headphones are all built very well, with a lot of attention to details in terms of design and the luxurious material used in the craft of them, as well as having superb sound quality. Each set is also made to be coCheap Beats by Dr. Dre Tour with ControlTalkHigh Performance Inmfortable and can be adjusted to fit how you like it.

All three Molami styles come with a remote and microphone to make it easier to pick up calls and communicate.

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