Sand cleaning machine and smaller roller crusher manufacturer

Sand cleanmining for chrome ore process plant chrome ore beneficiation planting Machine(Sand washing machine, Sand washer, Sand cleaner equipment)is applied for cleaning applications in sand plant, mine, concrete batching plant,garage equipments and industries like constructing components production,kitchen scales transportation, chemistry, water conservancy, and so on. Our sand washing machine is often a highly efficient machine developed on the basis with the comprehensive washing requires in mining business and comes with features like fantastic washing impact, reasonable structure, significant capacity, and less sand loss for the duration of washing approach. The transmission portion of this sand cleaning machine is isolated from water and sand, which could tremendously decrease the error rate from the platform scales Attributes of Sand cleaning Machine:

1. Higher effectiveness, reasonable structure,carbon prepreg higher capacity and low consumption.

2. Drive Bearing device is separated by water and supplies by water,tyre changer which is significantly to prevent the bearing damaged as a consequence of soaking, sand and pollutants.

three. Compared with the spiral sand cleaning machine, the loss of medium and fine sand and powder is minimal, and the grade and fineness modulus of washed buliding sand can meet the required normal.

4. This machine is with extended service life and low upkeep costs. Sand cleaning machine manufacturer

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