Sea Fishing Tackle of Woven Carbon Fabric

Even though carp rods are not known to be capable of being used as a sea fishing tackle, this is not necessarily true all the time. Torrix Industries’ TE Carp rod is a good example because it is a model of fishing rod that can both be used for both salt and freshwater .

The Torrix TE Carp Rods are built in Liverpool, UK, the industrial center of the country. carbon sheetThis sea fishing tackle is built as an amalgam of different carbons with high modulus and high strength and is fabric woven. This quality fishing tackle undergoes a strict designing process in which a perfect balance of all the mentioned materials are created. This rod comes with two special fibers that are woven into its tip and butt which provides counter weight and also improves the rod’s casting ability when it is used on running rapids and high waves.

The other features of this flexible sea fishing tackle are the Fuji SIC rings and Fuji DNPS 20 which it uses. prepregThis rod is also very easy to handle even in wet conditions because of its shrink rubber wrapped short butt. This rod provides versatile low, high, and middle modulus action because of the combination of fibers on the rod’s body and it is also very stable and offers great recoil when used in deep waters. The rod is also very easy to balance and sensitive because of the butt and tip section’s 1k woven fabric finish.

This rod can provide long lines with the right reeling and resistance and works best with the 3.5 ounce caster.carbon cloth The woven fabrics are strategically placed, with the high modulus fibers on the less strong and less stretched areas and the high strength fibers in the strong and less stretched areas of the fishing rod. The two fibers of the rod is balanced with the use of the compression tension balance technology of the Torrix company. This new sea fishing tackle was created by integrating English craftsmanship with Asian engineering technology.

The Torrix line of fishing tackle was first created in the year 1989 by the Harrison Advanced Rods. Currently, the fishing tackle is now also being marketed throughout the world and not just in UK. The weight classifications of this rod come in 12’2 ,frac34; lbs, 12’3 ,frac14; lbs, 12’3 ,frac12; lbs which can be bought depending on the needs and preference of the angler. The most sough after weight of this rod is 12’3 ,frac14; carbon prepregbecause it offers fast action and is also very effective with its low weight ratio.

When going out for carp and other types of fishing, one of the best sea fishing tackle to utlize is the TE Carp Rod from Torrix. This fishing rod boasts of a one of a kind construction which makes it really flexible for freshwater and saltwater composite By using one, you angling performance can improve a lot to the point that the probability of you having mistakes is even lessened. Bringing home the bacon, or fish for this instance, would be easy with the help of this fishing rod and reel.

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