Shabby Chic Design Makes Your Home Stand out from The Crowd

When you think of British design, you may think “polished” and “proper”, but did you know they were the first to come up with “shabby chic”? This style’s hallmark is the use of heavily painted and stained furniture, often with multiple layers, to show age and use, and while you may think this is similar to simply buying worn period pieces, it’s every different.

Also known as cottage style, the goal of shabby chic is to create a relaxed, feminine look that is comfortable and inviting to live in. This style originated in the 1980s and basically took the look and feel of the old British cottages and brought them into the mainstream. It was a direct reprisal to the Pop-Victorian looks that were predominant during this time, and it became popular with the artistic crowd and bohemians who treated the antique nature of the pieces as works of art in themselves.Trade platform for China Wedding Flower Wholesalers manufacturers and global Wedding Flower buyers provided.

In shabby chic design, the colors used on furniture and accessories are purposefully meant to not “fit in” with the period of furniture and design elements being used. Typically, the colors used are pastels, or bleached out colors along with the paint layers. For example, a chair is painted, then painted again in a different color, and then painted again. It is then rubbed in different areas to bring through the lower coats, sometimes taking it to the very base wood. This technique is often used on new furniture that people want to make look shabby chic. As far as textiles go, fabric is often restricted to linen and cotton and purposely stained with tea to give it that worn look.

If the furniture is authentically antique, then it is typically painted white — or another soft pastel color — and sanded down on the corners. Because they are easy to paint, wood pieces are common in shabby chic decor,Crochet hair scrunchies using a China Beanie Hats Offers requires knitting over the band entirely. with cupboards and other large accent pieces being favored for treatment.

When it crossed the pond and gained popularity in the U.But we are often commissioned to work on customized and custom artificial China Silk Flowers Offers.S. during the 1990s, Americans took shabby chic to a new level by introducing rustic elements from Mediterranean cultures such as Greek and Tuscan. Many restaurants and businesses that wanted to have an “authentic” look often purchased items influenced by shabby chic for that purpose.

As a person who is fond of antiques and being stylish, if not fashionable, I am a big fan of shabby chic decorating. What are your thoughts on this style?

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