Some Christmas gift suggestions for angling enthusiasts

It is often hard to choose that special gift from among the wide assortment of fishing equipment that is available. If you are shopping for friends who fish here are some suggestions.tyre changer

Everyone can use a new fishing rod and manufacturers continue to turn out some excellent products. While you can pay a lot of money for a high end fly rod there are also some excellent values available in both spinning and fly rods.

If your friend already has a good selection of fishing rods consider buying them a rod case to transport them. After breaking several rods over the years I can attest to the benefits of a well-made storage case.

The new reels are also light weight and have very good drag systems so they also make a very nice gift.

If your friend already has several fly reels consider an extra spool or two to allow them to carry different fly lines. New lines, either spinning or fly will be welcomed by any angler. While most anglers replace the line on their spinning rods fairly regularly, we expect to get several years from a fly line. A good line is an investment which will pay off in longer casts and improved performance.

Anyone who fishes regularly will lose a lot fishing gear,garage equipments such as lures and flies, over the course of the season. As a result a selection of spinners,digital platform scales spoons and flies makes a great gift.

A tackle box, with enough room to store all the equipment you accumulate, is also a good choice.

If they don’t tie their own flies a fly-tying vise, and a few tools will start your friend on a lifelong hobby which will provide hours of enjoyment.carbon prepreg

Sport fishing also has a lot of neat equipment associated with it from knives and flashlights to dip nets, hats and fishing vests. A small flashlight is a great gift to help get safely on and off the water in the morning and evening, and a landing net makes a practical scales

One of the many fine books on fishing topics ranging from spin fishing to fly tying or fly casting would be welcomed under the Christmas tree by any angler. The Nova Scotia Map Book which has topographic maps of the province will be a big help in finding your way to that back woods lake where the big fish are, especially if you combine it with a geographical positioning system, or GPS, unit.

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