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One of the greatest challenges facing moldmakers today is reducing production costs while still maintaining high levels of precision. Moldmakers have frequently relied on one of two technologies to help them accomplish this: hot runner systems or mold base quick-change systems. Hot runner systems produce cleaner, more precise parts and eliminate material waste. Mold base quick-change systems reduce the time it takes to swap out molds and enable molders to produce different parts in the same system. Both technologies have distinct advantages, but recent advancements now enable moldmakers to combine all the benefits of mold base quick-change and hot runner technology in one system.China Carbon Plate Carbon Laminate 280g/㎡, T300 3K, Twill Manufacturers A combined mold base quick-change/hot runner system allows molders to substitute different mold inserts into a mold and produce a variety of parts in the same system with little downtime. By understanding the potential of this type of system, designers can now engineer the cost-saving features of both products into a mold, and as a result, significantly reduce the cost of part production. This article will focus on the benefits of combining these systems in mold designs, because the more moldmakers know about this technology,China Carbon Plate 200g/㎡, T700 12K, Unidirectional Manufacturers the better they will be able to improve their offer to molders.The mold base quick-change system approach is based on an unlimited number of companion insert molds that are easily interchanged within a single quick-change frame. The frame remains in the molding machine during mold changeovers, resulting in increased uptime and cost reductions. It works with any standard mold base in any molding machine up to 500-ton capacity.The frame is installed without modifying the machine. China Carbon Plate 300g/㎡, T700 12K, Unidirectional ManufacturersStandard mold bases equipped with companion ear plates are interchanged within this adapter frame. Just one adapter frame accommodates an unlimited number of standard mold bases. While these frames can remain in the machine indefinitely, they are easily transferred to other machines. No other special mounting hardware is required.This system is based on a unique slide and clamp approach to mold changeovers. China Carbon Plate 100g/㎡, T700 12K, Plain Weave ManufacturersStandard mold bases equipped with ear plate sets simply slide in and out of the quick-change adapter frame. Just one adapter frame is needed for each molding machine selected for quick-change operation.

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