Types of blow molding for Plastic Bottles

Extrusion Blow MoldingExtrusion Blow Molding is among the more popular processes, which is also very simple to implement. In this process, a hot tube of plastic material is dispensed from an extruder and filled into a water cooled mould. After this, the moulds are closed so that air can be injected through the neck of the container, much like how one blow up a balloon. The hot plastic material freezes itself when it comes in contact with the walls of the mould, China CC Composite Guard Board Manufacturershereby forming the rigid shape that is required. Extrusion process use various types or reciprocating, shuttle and wheel type machines to produce plastic bottles.

Injection Blow Molding is a combination of injection and blowing process. In this bottle manufacturing process, the hot plastic material is first injected into a cavity where it spreads and encloses the blow stem.composite resin This is done so that one can create the neck and establish the gram weight. The material is then carried to the next station in the process through a machine, where it is blow up into the finished product much like it is done in extrusion blow molding.

Stretch Blow Molding is a commonly implemented process among manufacturers of bottles used as packaging for water, juice and a variety of other consumable liquids.prepreg Stretch blow molded P.E.T containers typically follow two processes. In one, the machinery used injection molds are preformed and then transferred within the machine to another station for the purpose of blowing and ejection. This is known as Injection Stretch Blow Molding.

On the other hand, there is also the Reheat and Blow (RHB) process,carbon sheet where the injection is molded by an external vendor. The factory can buy the reforms and then insert them in simpler machines where they can be reheated and blown only to the extent required.

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