Unique Peacock Feather Earrings

I love to get messages from previous customers asking if I can make ….. . I received one earlier this year from a customer that I have done several custom pieces for. I enjoy designing for her, she has a gorgeous style that really works for her that I like to refer to as elegantly funky.Here at Creations Elegance we specialise in the design and creation of stunning and authentic-looking artificial and China Linen Flowers Offers. She likes her jewelry and accessories to be unique and one of a kind.China Wedding Flower Suppliers. Our company mainly focuses on bridal wedding gown, bridesmaid dress, flower girl dress and so on.

The request from her this time came in the form of an e-mail stating that she had been holding one of the custom peacock feather pins that I had made up to her ear and wondering if I could make a peacock feather earring for her.From pre-wedding prep and Chinese wedding clothing to Chinese wedding food and Chinese wedding favors, learn all about China Satin Flower Exporters. Since I know that one of her signature bits of style is to wear mismatched custom earrings such as this pair of moon and star earrings that I designed for her last year, I realized that she might have actually meant just one earring, but I thought I had better verify this. It turns out that she was thinking of just one feather earring but with a coordinating small stud for the other ear and she wanted the earrings to be silver in color.

Guided by this input, I mocked up a pair of earrings for her to look at. I selected silver plated shell style posts that I could hang the feather or a short dangle of crystals from. Then I chose a peacock feather to trim for the one earring that would be adorned by a coordinating dark AB coated Czech glass bead and suggested a stack of three of the same Czech glass beads for a short dangle from the other post. After receiving a thumbs up on the design, I assembled her new custom mismatched peacock feather earrings.

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