Using GCC plotter to cut window film

Heat rejection films provide function of heat reduction, and also the added-values such as whitening, UV protection, and personal privacy protection. Therefore,China Carbon Sheet BMS9-8: 3K-70-PW, 200g/㎡, T300 3K, Plain Weave Manufacturers most car owners will choose colored or light reflective heat rejection films. In traditional process of cutting heat rejection films, you need to make an acrylic mold first, and cut the appointed pattern of window films manually piece by piece. This kind of process not only waste manpower and also increase storage space required for stocking acrylic molds, and heighten the possibility of material waste.
Now, replacing man-made work with GCC cutter’s accurate tracking and perfect cutting quality, it not only dramatically enhances production efficiency, reduces material waste due to artificial work inaccuracy, and most importantly it saves the storage space and material for acrylic molds. Moreover,China Carbon Sheet 160g/㎡, T300 3K, Unidirectional Manufacturers with TintTEK 20/20’s auto plotting functions, heat rejection films can be efficiently plotted and ensure materials are fully utilized.
For experienced master workers in auto decoration firm, using GCC cutter instead of manual cutting process can increase productivity and allow more handling of cases.China Composite Resin - Structural Epoxy Paste Adhesive Manufacturers For beginners who wish to enter auto decoration business, GCC cutter + TintTEK 20/20 are undoubtedly your best choice. Don’t need to worry about the technical boundary at all. GCC cutter can be applied in car window films, as well as architecture films or protective films for decoration purpose too, even car stickers. GCC cutter can perfectly cut in all these applications and expand your business to a wider extension.
Below you will find a step by step instruction on how to tint a window from start to finish using your GCC plotter .
1. First, load you plotter with window film. Make sure the window film side is up.

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